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Twins Dustless Blasting is a family owned business and highly experienced team offering a wide range of blast cleaning services: Vapor Blasting, Shot Blasting, Soda Blasting and a special service of Superheated-water cleaning.

Why choose us?

Stripping and cleaning a surface can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you are removing layers and coating products that have been there for decades. Grinding, scraping, applying heat and using chemicals is hard and won’t get you even near the results that you want. Let the specialists handle it with new and innovative technologies. Find out bellow the main advantages of our services.

The advantages of our Blasting services!


Get rid of all the layers of paint and other coating products in a professional way. We can help you with the fastest services of sandblasting, shot blasting and dustless blasting. Fully mobile services, straight at your location.


We guarantee you an easy method of cleaning and protecting your goods, using the perfect machines and diverse type of abrasives. We can handle any kind of surface, offering you he easiest way of sandblasting and shot blasting.


We only use certified solutions and tools in order to deliver our services. We have professional equipment and high-qualified personal in our team. We offer you a reliable total blast solution for every kind of surface.

Less Containment

By using the new and innovative technique of Vapor Abrasive Blasting we create 92% less dust when blasting your surface. So, less dust and water means less containment and clean-up and more comfort for your clients.
The sand blasting process involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium. Applications range from removing paint and other coatings from brickwork, timber, steel, concrete, glass, fibreglass, stone.

This kind of blasting service uses a wide range of metal products as its media. It is fitted for blasting steel and metal surfaces. As a media we can use bronze, cast iron, steel or iron slag.  

Fitted for any kind of surface, depending on the media that we use, this is a revolutionary system that can remove any coating from a wide range of surfaces. It mixes specific abrasive products with water in order to create less dust.

This particular kind of total blasting service is the eco-friendly option for our services. It uses a special media based on Sodium Bicarbonate, perfect for sensitive surfaces and friendly with the environment.

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